It's no coincidence that I decided to bring Asfall to Haji Lane, Haji Lane constantly vibrates, there is always a festive air, and excitement ... Between Street art and music ... After the collection "pure line" you will discover the first part of this new collection which is called of course "Haji Lane"

Shooting 'Haji Lane'
Place: Haji Lane Singapore
Photographer:PIX st Sylvia
Model: Christine

Shooting 'LIGNE PURE'
Place: SRW Singapore
Photographer:PIX st Sylvia
Models: Paola, Ohm, Astou

I had an immense pleasure creating this collection. It is composed of a line of everyday dresses and a line of evening dresses.
The cuts are perfect, clean with a flawless fall. Lots of lightness in the choice of materials: cotton, lace, silk, viscose, batik silk ...
And the Wax fabrics always making its entrance in finesse.
Bright and cheerful colors.
A collection for a resolutely free and independent woman. The AS'FALL woman.

Behind AS'FALL's work there are small entities, men and women together for an ethical fashion, a slow fashion and a responsible fashion.