Astou opened AS’FALL in Lausanne Switzerland in 2009. The original philosophy was to propose another Fashion state of mind and this spirit is still alive. Her own creations and independent fashion designers collections were the main articles to see in her a unique retail boutique. Her passion and dedication have made of AS’FALL a respected reference for the fashion designer scene. Her passion for travelling, the discovery of new possibilities, and bringing AS’FALL everywhere with her is by no doubt her unique touch. New countries, new way of life, different culture, Astou knows how to listen to any woman. AS’FALL is a timeless and young Brand, for every woman all around the world. AS’FALL is also a Personal Image Advisor - www.astoufashionadviser.com

“We were all born unique so let’s embrace what makes us different”



AS’FALL capsule collections are made of timeless unique pieces ideal to complement any wardrobe and to enlight it with a special soul. Years of travel and multi cultural life enriched the inspiration of these collections. AS’FALL capsule collections are always limited edition. All pieces are handmade using only noble materials. Fabrics are woven, dyed, or open worked by hand.