Our values


  • When we talk about ethical fashion at AS’FALL, we are definitely talking about the social aspect of it, the Human being with a capital H.
  • There are no intermediaries between us and our people.
  • Working directly with them is the best way to have the highest handmade quality on limited edition by paying directly and fairly the men and women who actually do the work.
  • We do not see any other way to drive our business.
  • 10 years later, AS’FALL is still working with dozens of small structures and craftsmen, in Singapore, Indonesia and Senegal. A challenge that we take up every day for you, our dear customers.


  • Since the early days of AS’FALL in 2009 in Switzerland, it is in our DNA that we shall work with men and women who share the same values, passions and respect of the human being. We have been working with small family businesses and communities who are rich of a long craftmanship experience inherited since generations. Some of them are specialized in embroidery, beading, dyeing or weaving...

Limited edition

  • We have decided since 2009 to produce very small quantities of each design,
  • We often work with almost unique pieces.
  • We don't produce fabrics, we use the huge stock of this fashion world that already exists.
  • We work with timeless pieces, making our own dyes, embroidery, beading, weaving, etc...
  • We follow the color trends, but we don't follow the frenzy of the fashion seasons.

Personal advice

We are available to advise you, help you to add timeless and easy-to-wear pieces to your wardrobe.

Our boutiques:
28 Haji lane Singapore


Alteration services
We offer a free alteration service for any length or size adjustment.

For more consequent alteration the fixed price is 50$ SGD.